Each of our instructors are highly trained movement professionals who care about the health of our clients.

Jenn Reeb

Jennifer has a background in classical ballet, theatre and independent film. She turned to Pilates for injury and illness rehabilitation in 2013. She is a Peak Pilates comprehensively certified classical instructor. She continues her education with Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates in NYC, and Sara Talbert of b. pilatesDenver. Jenn believes in the healing capacity of J.H. Pilates’ original life’s work. She regularly works with post-rehab clients, helping them reinforce healthy movement patterns and find the strength and freedom of movement they had before injury. Jenn responds to the body in front of her, and helps clients find their best form in every plane and relationship to gravity.

jennifer harlow reeb

Owner / Pilates Instructor

Juliette has been teaching Pilates for almost two decades. She trained with Michelle Larson at Core Dynamics in Santa Fe, NM. Juliette has also completed her Level 3 Fascial Stretch Training. She is in a small group of instructors worldwide that have completed this training. FST is a new and innovative therapy that helps clients work with chronic pain and improve movement restrictions. She is available for individual session in this method or can combine FST into your Pilates Lesson for better results. Juliette’s background in dance and her passion for fitness and the outdoors is reflected in her work. Never the same, always creative and attention to detail are her hallmarks.

Juliette Eymere

Manager / Senior Pilates Instructor

Sophia discovered a new joy of movement and expression after being introduced to Pilates as a method of injury prevention for dancers in 2002. Since then she has found Pilates to be an effective tool for healing and strengthening in her body as a whole. She received her certification through Integrated Teacher Training in San Francisco under Jean Sullivan, Margaret Tappan and Ashley Beldon in 2009. She has studied healthy movement applications for the knee, hip, spine and shoulder through the Axis Syllabus, and been influenced by an incredible cohort of teachers and artists from the Bay Area including Nicole Dessoye, Elizabeth Donahue, Frey Faust and Kira Kirsch. Sophia is passionate about teaching clients who want to feel an increased sense of vitality and connection to their bodies. Her challenging yet nurturing approach weaves together dynamic movement and biomechanical problem solving. She is committed to giving all of her clients the tools to understand their own bodies, improving strength, agility, balance and body awareness.



Pilates & Gyro-Tonic® Instructor


Becca is contemporary teacher with a classical Pilates background. She is able to combine her knowledge of the human body with her weightlifting, Yoga and Pilates training. Diverging from the weight scene in the 90’s, going back to her yoga roots, she began exploring alternative modalities and fostering a love for the Pilates Movement. She trained with Colleen Cummins and Suzanne Gutterson and began teacher training at Core Dynamics with Michele Larson in 2004. By 2007 she was running her own Pilates business and kept it going until her recent move to Crested Butte. Always up for trying new things you’ll find her classes both insightful and challenging no matter your working level.



Pilates Instructor

Pilates & Yoga

While Pilates and yoga are both considered mind-body practices – and there are numerous similarities – there are distinct differences between the two disciplines. We thought we’d take a moment to explore those differences so you can determine what’s best for you – be it one, the other, or a combination of the two (which is trending in popularity, by the way). Read on…

There are many types of yoga as well as many schools of Pilates.


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